Friday, April 15, 2011



Welcome to the release party of The Showboat Affair by Gwyneth Greer

What's it about? I'm glad you asked!! Here's the blurb:

Despite over thirty years in a faithless marriage to wealthy investment broker Rand Kingston, Jean is shocked when he asks for a divorce. Encouraged by her former housekeeper-turned-best-friend, she determines to rediscover herself as an independent woman and move on with her life. Nick Cameron, prominent attorney
and long-time widower, would like to figure in her plans. The opposition of their adult children surprises them. Then, a series of chilling near misses makes them wonder who really is determined to keep them apart—and why.

Want more? Check out this excerpt in our Goddess Fish Excerpt Library.

More? View book video for THE SHOWBOAT AFFAIR in the Goddess Fish Video Library.

And remember, Gwyneth will be giving away a copy of The Showboat Affair in any format (including print) chosen by winner, pink laser flip-top mirror with engraved info about book, and a $10 gift certificate to Bath and Body Works during her tour -- so let us know what you think about The Showboat Affair right here on the party blog and be entered to win!

Follow the rest of her tour and comment for more entries. The complete list of her stops can be found here.


AnneMarie Novark said...

Congratulations, Gwyneth!!!

*throws confetti*

*blows tootie horns*

Many Happy Sales!!!

Judy said...

Love the confetti and the horns, AnneMarie! Thanks!

Bianca Swan said...

I just tried to comment but apparently it didn't post!

So I brought the champers. Congratulations on release day. The book sounds very interesting.

Judy said...

<---holding out glass for the bubbly! Thanks, Bianca!

Donna Alice said...

Woo HOO! Something good is coming on tax day! Blowing horns and tossing more confetti - will bake a congrats cake.

Judy said...

I want a chocolate cake, Donna--getting plate and fork ready!

Sue Palmer Fineman said...

Congratulations on the release of The Showboat Affair. I love books like this!

Judy said...

Thanks, Sue. I loved writing it!