Monday, November 8, 2010

NEW RELEASE PARTY: Problems on Eldora Prime by Sandy Lender

Welcome to the release party of Problems on Eldora Prime by Sandy Lender.What's it about? I'm glad you asked!! Here's the blurb:

When 17-year-old pilot Khiry Okerson crashes on Eldora Prime, alarms still ring in her ears. She might have solved one problem, but she courts more danger than she realizes when she liberates some unexpected hostages on a foreign planet. Will the dragons she releases become her allies? It’s more likely they’ll join the inhabitants of this unforgiving world to hunt terraformers and the Instigator’s dwindling crew.

Khiry must find a way off this rock and into the United Society for Peace and Strength’s good graces. She’s got a capable marksman on her team in the handsome and renown Kor, but Khiry still wonders how her people can escape with a captain’s treason on her hands and a political leader’s sister in her care—care she can’t guarantee.

Want more? Check out this excerpt in our Goddess Fish Excerpt Library.

More? View the Problems on Eldora Prime book video in the Goddess Fish Video Library.

And remember, Sandy will be giving away a nifty dragon ornament during her tour -- so let us know what you think about Problems on Eldora Prime right here on the party blog and be entered to win!

Follow the rest of her tour and comment for more entries. The complete list of her stops can be found here.

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Sandy Lender said...

There really is a tour banner and it's awesome. I posted it on my blog recently.

The dragon ornament commenters can win is awesome, too.

The awesomeness abounds!
From Sandy Lender
"Some days, you just want the dragon to win."